I decided that I wanted to try something new, not the writing thing, just the subject I write about, but I had a problem. I couldn’t pick a topic, so I figured, why pick a topic when I can write about anything I want, it’s my blog right? I currently work for three celebrity news and TV recap sites, so chances are I won’t be writing much about those here, but I will put anything up that I think will get you talking or anything I feel like ranting about, haha! I am usually hyped up on caffeine, hence the name of my blog, so much like this little post, the rest of them might be a little all over the place. I will try to make as much sense as I can but I’m not making any promises.


I watch a lot of TV, anything really, news, reality shows, series, and sports, I also read a lot so I can pretty much post anything on here. I tried to create a sports blog, my problem is I’m very easily distracted and I get bored quickly, not to mention, I only watch baseball and football regularly so I didn’t always have something to talk about. If I don’t limit myself then I can always find something to talk about. I will also write posts based on comments I get here, so say something that intrigues me and I will put a post up and shoot you a link =). I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine =). Enough rambling, I have to start dinner, I just wanted to post something quick so that my blog didn’t look so empty!

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