I’m sitting here watching The Players golf tournament, I have to say that one of my favorite holes to watch them play is the iconic 17th hole. I have seen more balls in the water in this tournament than any other tournament I have ever watched. I don’t have a favorite golfer, I just enjoy watching them all play, except for one player, I prefer not to watch Tiger Woods but unfortunately with him be one of the most popular golfers out there it seems that all they do is focus on Tiger and how well or how bad he is playing. It’s kind of annoying.

Players 17th

What’s even more annoying is looking at the leaderboard and not recognizing any of the golfers on it. That happened to me on Thursday when the tournament started, the guy leading the tournament was some random 27 year old who was higher than 200 in the league. Anyways, back to what I like about watching this tournament, the 17th hole, I know most people who have seen this iconic island green wonder how everyone doesn’t manage to get their ball in the water. I think about it all the time, in fact I have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 and I purposely play this hole just to see how many times I can get a hole in one….it’s happened a few times, most of the time I end up in the water though!

Everyone seems to be playing really well this year, considering they got smacked with 2 days of rain right before the tournament started, they said something about having to pump thousands of gallons of water out of the pond that the 17th green floats in. It was pretty crazy that the grounds keepers we even able to get the course to tournament playable. Well, I’m going to go watch the last half hour of round three of the Players, kind of crazy that the leader is -12 as of right now, I can’t wait to see the craziness unfold and the players come unglued tomorrow! Who else is going to watch this with me? Who is your favorite golfer? Let me know!

What did you think?

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