I was going through the highlights this morning on the news sites and came across this story, Ariel Castro’s, the man who is facing charges for the kidnappings and rapes of three women in Ohio, bothers have spoken out in an interview with CNN. The brothers, Pedro and Onil Castro, were originally questioned in connection with this case as well, they were obviously later cleared as suspects. What did the brothers have to say about Ariel and the kidnappings?

The brothers had a lot of light to shed on how Ariel was able to keep the women captive without anyone knowing they were in the house. The brothers said that they went to their brother Ariel’s house very rarely and when they were let into the house they were never allowed past the kitchen of the home, I would find that weird from the start. Apparently Ariel gave them some BS story about the other part of the house being sealed off for energy saving reason, ummmm really? Anyone else find that absurd? Anyways, so what happened when they met at the house for family dinners you ask? They ate on the porch and there was always a TV or radio on in the house, maybe to drown out the noises of the three women and little girl locked in the other room?

There is a special place in hell for people like Ariel, just like the brothers, I hope that he is punished severely for what he put Amanda Berry, Amanda’s daughter (who was born while being held captive, however they have not released whether or not Ariel fathered the child), Gina DeJesus and Michelle McKnight through. Luckily for those women Ohio has very strict laws against kidnappers, he can face 15 years to life for each charge, that’s not even including the rape charges and the other possible charges he may face. The only thing left to do is pray for these women and that little girl and hope that they can cope with these horrific events that took place over the course of ten years.

What did you think?

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