I originally wrote a story about accused kidnapper Ariel Castro’s brothers’ reaching out for an interview, well now we have someone else who has come forward to shed some light on some pretty disturbing details. Ariel Castro apparently used to prey on his daughter, Emily Castro’s, friends from school. I know probably the sickest thing you have ever heard. By the way, craziness doesn’t just stop with Ariel!


Emily and kidnapping victims Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry went to school and were friends of Castro’s daughter’s. Emily told ABC News in a jailhouse interview that she went to middle school with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus went to school with her younger sister and she was also the last person to see Gina the day she was abducted. This story just gets more and more creepy, I don’t even know what to believe, it’s something straight out of a horror movie. The best part of this is, as I said the craziness doesn’t just end with Ariel, Emily Castro is currently serving 25 years sentence of her own, back in 2011 Emily stabbed her infant daughter to death!

Ariel Castro is currently facing four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape, there is still the possibility of more charges being brought against him as the investigation continues. If you missed what the bothers had to say when they did their interview, you can check out the details right here! I will keep you posted on any other details that may come arise!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ariel Castro’s Daughter Speaks Out About Her Father’s Disturbing Habits

    • Ok, so what you could have done, is emailed me to tell me that the girl in the picture was the wrong daughter…I will make sure to fix my mistake though, thank you for your input.

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