I just wanted to write this to offer my thoughts and prayers to the people of Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding area. Oklahoma and Kansas have been the center of some pretty nasty weather over the last couple of days, most recently they were devastated by another tornado just moments ago. According to reports the tornado was at least a mile wide as it ripped through this area.

OK Tornado

Picture Courtesy Of Weather.com

This is at least the second tornado to hit the area since yesterday afternoon, the area has also been hit with severe thunderstorms and hail. There has been no reports to confirm any of the details of the storm itself, but as they become available I will keep you all posted. There has been some video feeds of a large residential area and at least two schools that have been destroyed. There is no word on whether or not there were any children in the school or if they had been evacuated. Again I want to offer my heartfelt prayers to everyone impacted by these devastating tornados.

Updated Information:
This is all some information from a fellow blogger so I want to offer links to this blog for further information on how you can help the people of Oklahoma. Check out the following links:
List Of Churches Open For Food And Shelter
How You Can Help
Thank you Saunsea for all the useful information!

Update 1:22 am EST:
As of right now the death toll is at 24 and of those 9 of the victims are children from Plaza Towers Elementary school. The tornado hit just after 3pm central time and was on the ground for 40 min and left a 20 mile trail. It was, as of right now, a EF4 tornado and at one point was said to be two miles wide.

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