Is anyone else really excited about the new X-Box console that Microsoft revealed today? I didn’t actually watch the reveal but I read up a bit on what Microsoft is calling the next big thing in gaming, also had some help from a friend with the details. The newest console, X-Box One, will be able to do things that the current device cannot do, it is supposed to take gaming into the next generation and Microsoft is convinced that this will a console that will stay in your living room for years to come!

X-Box One Reveal

What kind of new things can we expect from this new gaming device? First, X-Box One finally caught up to Sony when it came to the movie watching options, yes, it now has a Blu-Ray player, it will also have TV viewing options, who needs a cable box anymore anyways? Everything will be voice command capable, and you will be able to control some of the TV options with your smartphone. There are also some great apps that will be available with the upcoming X-Box One, Skype will be one of them and their will also be a new integrated ESPN app that will allow you to control your Fantasy Teams. How awesome is that?

The RAM in the console has also been boosted, it now comes with 8GB, however it still has the 500 GB HDD, and one question that remains unanswered is whether or not you will be able to carry over your current downloads. We also don’t know if the console will have backwards compatibility for games or accessories, I’m sure over the next couple months we will know a lot more about the specifics, cost, release date, etc. For now we have plenty of new options to be excited for, not to mention the great new games that have named for release. Some of those games include: NBA Live 14, Madden 25, FIFA 14, UFC 14, Forza 5, Quantum Break and a ton of others that remain unnamed.

When more of the specifics become available I will fill you in, from the looks of things, Microsoft has outdone themselves with this one, some are saying that this release was even more exciting than the release of the PlayStation 4 by SONY. What do you think? Will you be more likely to buy the X-Box One or PlayStation 4? Why?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Reveals Their Newest Gaming Console

  1. It all sounds lovely until the Internet goes down and it won’t work because it *has* to be connected, or until you’re watching TV through it and some combination of accidental voice or gesture-based control allows that always-on Kinect camera to broadcast something you’d rather not, lol. Bad enough I have to have a camera facing me on my laptop. I don’t need to have something with a camera facing my living room. ;-D

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