Five years after Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend Travis Alexander, we thought that justice had finally prevailed when Jodi was handed a guilty verdict for first degree murder. Well this is not the case, after five long months of hearing all the testimony and seeing all the evidence it was quite clear that Jodi committed this crime, what wasn’t clear was whether or not she should spend the rest of her life in prison or get the death penalty for doing it.

Jodi Arias Trial Far From Over

The jury spent 13 hours over the course of three days deliberating on whether or not Jodi deserved to get the death penalty for brutally murdering her boyfriend five years ago, they however couldn’t come to a consensus. Jodi was convicted of first degree murder with aggravating circumstances for this crime. In case you are not familiar, Jodi stabbed her boyfriend 27 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head and plead not guilty by reason of self defense! She would have had a better chance of being found not guilty if she plead insanity! Sorry, I think this woman is nuts and for her to even try to say that she was defending herself when she stabbed him 27 times and shot him in the head is even crazier!

A retrial date has been set for July 18th, the court will pick a new jury and revisit the case with the new set of jurors. I will keep you all posted with updates as more information becomes available.


One thought on “Jodi Arias Murder Trial Far From Over!

  1. Hopefully the next jury will also see Travis Alexander as the monster he really was to Jodi Arias like the first jury was able to see. Now, it’s time to prosecute each of the family members of Travis Alexander for not getting Travis the help he actually needed to address his infatuation with little boys and the abuse he perpetrated against Ms. Arias. Thank God Ms. Arias was able to put an end to Travis’s abuse. I personally wonder why she only shot Travis once and why she only cut him about 40 times; he deserved so much more imo.

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