Yesterday around 7pm, a bridge about 40 miles south of the Canadian boarder on Washington states I-5 highway, collapsed sending two vehicles into the Skagit River. Initial reports said that the bridge gave way, we are now learning that an oversized semi truck hit a cross beam in the upper span of the bridge. Three people were rescued from the vehicles that fell into the river, everyone is said to be recovering well in an area hospital.

bridge collapse in WA

The driver of the semi, traveling from Seattle to Canada, did stay at the scene of the accident and cooperated fully with the on site investigation team. Travel on the bridge is obviously disrupted indefinitely, which is rough for any travelers. The bridge is reported to see traffic upwards of 71,000 cars a day, with Memorial Day weekend approaching this couldn’t come at a worse time for holiday traveling plans.

The bridge is said to be about 1,100 feet long and had 4 lanes for traffic (two in each direction), the Northbound side is the side that collapsed. The Washington Transportation Department has set up detours and are said to be working on plans for a temporary or permanent replacement for the bridge.

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