So I’m sitting here trying to find something to write about and with the help of a friend of mine, it hits me, let me write about this amazing NHL game I have the pleasure of watching. The New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins is always a great match-up, even better when the Rangers are losing, sorry NY fans. I have to say though, when I first started watching the game, I was a little nervous about what was transpiring.

New York Rangers Vs Boston Bruins

When I started watching the game, the Rangers were up 1-0 and it was just a couple mintues until the first intermission. Now this would have been fine if the Rangers didn’t consistantly blow games wide open when they are the first ones to score in playoff games. Then, when the second period started things started to look up for the Bruins, they scored twice before the second period was over. Now I’m sitting here watching the third period of this game, I’m asking myself, this is a playoff game, right? The score is currently 2-1, Bruins on top, shouldn’t it be like 5-4 or some craziness like that? That’s how all the other games have been through this Stanley Cup playoffs. I have to give it the Rangers, they are trying like hell to get this game back, the Bruins haven’t been caught off gaurd for the most part for the series, but New York has almost gotten them a couple of times in just the lasy few minutes. This is a go big or go home situation for New York, the Bruins lead the series three games to one, this should be an interesting nine minutes! Maybe I’ll post my thoughts on the Red Wings/Blackhawks game a little later too, that should be a really good game too. What do you think of this Rangers/Bruins series? Let me know!

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