When Alayna Adams went to the Tampa Bay Rays and was picked to throw out the first pitch, I don’t think the nine year old girl could have predicted what was going to happen next. Shortly before she was due to throw the pitch, a video of her dad, Army Lt. Col. William Adams, was played on the big screen at the stadium.

Girl Gets Surprised By Dad At Rays Game

What happened next at the May 16th game versus the Boston Red Sox, no one would have ever had expected. You always hear stories about people getting surprised with a reunion from a loved one deployed over seas, never in a million years do you ever think that it will happen to you, especially when you are a nine year old girl and your father has been over seas defending our country for the past two years. However, for Alayna and her mother Dana Adams, that dream came true in a big way.

After Alayna tossed the ball to home plate, the catcher takes off his mask and instantly the girl starts running towards her father who was the one behind the catchers mask! When I was told about this story I wanted to post it, it’s always good to find that one good story that touches your heart! Welcome home Army Lt. Col. William Adams!

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