I really wanted to write this story for a couple of reasons, I never for a second thought that Joe Paterno had anything to do with a cover-up and I don’t believe the players of the game should have been penalized for one of the members of the coaching staff being a child molester.

Joe Paterno Estate Suing NCAA

The NCAA took some really harsh measures towards the school because they felt that there was a cover-up when Paterno didn’t tell the correct officials that he knew anything about the abuse taking place at the school. Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator for the school’s football team was convicted last year on several counts of abuse which took place on and off the school’s campus. Above all, the team shouldn’t be punished with this four year bowl ban, the scholarship cuts are completely unfair and the fact that they have completely disgraced the name of the most winningest college football after he passed away is disgusting! Or should I say, former most winningest coach in NCAA Football history because they striped him of 111 titles! I will also say that after Paterno’s death in January 2012, they went way too far by taking his statue down from in front of the school!

I am completely for the estate of Joe Paterno suing the NCAA for the landmark sanctions against Penn State, especially when any of the net proceeds will be donated to charity! I really hope that the NCAA at least gives the players back the rights that they deserve to play in championships that they deserve to go to. They didn’t do anything in this, they don’t deserve to be punished for it! As of now, the NCAA denies getting any lawsuits from the Paterno Estate, as more information becomes available I will be updating.

What did you think?

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