I saw this story and it made me seriously wonder, what is going on in the minds of people these days? This guy, Kyle Dube, was arrested on murder and kidnapping charges after a bizarre idea of his went completely wrong. What was this idea of his you ask?

Kyle DubeDube had a plan to lure a 15 year old girl, Nichole Cable, out of her home using a fake Facebook account, then he was going to kidnap her. Here is where things get a little sketchy, he was then going to plan her rescue to make himself look like a hero! So what went wrong with this genius plan of his? She died in the back of his pickup after he put a ski mask on her and duct taped her mouth over the mask. So much for being a hero. Dube allegedly then dumped her body in the woods and when he was questioned he told investigator that he had a relationship with Cable, but also added that he was working the night she was killed. The investigators were later told that he sent her a text message and while looking through her personal accounts, they found that she had regular conversations with this fake Facebook that Dube created.

You think the stupidity is over? Not quite…When creating the fake Facebook account, Dube used the name of an acquaintance of his! When this acquaintance was questioned he told investigators that Dube was interested in having sex with Cable and Cable kept refusing his advances. Dube was arraigned on kidnapping and murder charges Wednesday, there has only been select information released from the affidavit because Dube attorney was afraid that Dube wouldn’t receive a fair trial. I don’t know, this story is just odd! I will also be posting updates on this story as they become available.

What did you think?

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