A week and a half after the devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, there have been reports that another tornado touched down in the Oklahoma City area yesterday. There has been reports of damage including one of the Weather Channel’s tornado hunt 2013 vehicles.

Tornadoes In Oklahoma

The airbags in the vehicle were deployed and everyone inside were reported to be safe, however the people throughout the state were not that lucky. This morning the Oklahoma Department of Health reports that at least 104 people were being treated at the area hospitals. It is also reported that there are at least nine people dead including two children.

The storms touched down during the after work rush hour and multiple injuries and at least two deaths were in the I-40 area. Cars were toppled and accidents occurred while people were trying to get out of the area. I want to offer my thoughts and prayers to anyone who has been effected by these storms. If you want to help the people of Oklahoma please make sure you donate through the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

In the wake of the tornadoes last week there have been a number of great donations and no matter how big or small these donations are helping the people of Oklahoma and surrounding areas that are effected by the storm rebuild their lives.

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