Richard Ramirez, also known at the Night Stalker, has died; he was 53. Ramirez was convicted of 13 murders and a slew of other charges back in 1989 for crimes committed from 1984-1985. He was being housed in San Quentin State Prison on Death Row for more than three decades.

Richard Ramirez Dies

I read a lot on Ramirez growing up, I was fascinated with true crime novels and case information, this case was truly disturbing. Ramirez would drive around southern California and break into homes, not only would he burglarize these homes but he would kill the people living in them. He was also known to rape and torment his female victims. He would use satanic symbols as a calling card in the homes of his victims and he even forced some of the to swear to Satan while he brutalized them.

During his first court appearance (pictured above), he had a pentagram drawn on his hand and screamed “Hail Satan” while having his right hand raised. The crazy part of this was while he was incarcerated, he developed a fan base, women started to write to him confessing their love for him, he even ended up marrying one of his groupies.

He was convicted of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries and sentences to death after the longest trial in US history (four years). Years later he was linked to the 1984 murder of a nine year old girl, but he was never tried for her murder. He was also tied to the murder of an elderly couple before he was captured by residents of a Los Angeles neighborhood. Ramirez was beaten by the residents while attempting to carjack someone in their neighborhood.

Ramirez was 53 and died of natural causes, according to Wikipedia, he died of liver failure.

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