Yesterday, a 23 year old man went on a rampage, killing four people and injuring many, one of which has been given a grim prognosis. The suspect was then shot to death by police after a gun battle with police on the Santa Monica College campus. The suspect’s name is being withheld while the police officials try to reach his mother who is out of the country.

Santa Monica Shooting Leaves 5 dead and 1 critically injuredThe rampage started when the suspect killed his father and brother inside their home and then set the home on fire. After fleeing the home, he shot at a motorist and then carjacked another, he forced the woman in the car to drive while he shot aimlessly out the car window. Many of those shots fired hit a city bus injuring many passengers on board.

He then fired at a red Ford Explorer, killing the driver and critically injuring the passenger who is believed to be the daughter of the driver, she is still being treated at a local hospital but according to many sources, things are not looking good for her. His forth and final victim was a woman inside the college’s library where he opened fire on everyone inside.

Police say that the suspect fired about 70 shots inside the library before police shot and killed the suspect. The only information on the suspect that we have at this time is that today Saturday would have been his 24th birthday and that his mother was out of the country. I will keep you updated as information is released and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time.

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