So I have been trying to find something to write about for days now and I have yet to find something that isn’t of political background. I refuse to write about politics because it is something that I quite honestly, have no interest in whatsoever! So, for now you get to listen to me rant about anything and everything that comes to mind in the next couple of minutes, haha! Lucky you, huh?

here is my friend writers blockI’m not exactly sure why I used the coffee cup picture, probably because, like always, I drank too much of it through out the day and can’t sleep. I was going to write something but we see how that is working out, right?

Seeing how this is my blog and someone is bound to read this even though it has no subject matter to it at all, it was better than not writing anything at all and leaving you all hanging. I was really hoping to hit a pretty big milestone for my blog (well, at least it would be big for me) within the next week, but with the fact that I can’t seem to find something informative to write about that might not happen.

I have been trying to keep up with my blog here as much as possible so that I could hit 1000 views by a certain date. That date for me was, well, this coming Saturday, June 22nd. I am however not on track to hit this goal right now, last week I was, but tonight it’s not looking good. I’m thinking it will probably by next Saturday at the earliest, but anything can happen, I can find the story of the century tomorrow and it could get me there, right? I can hope anyways.

Well, now that it is almost two in the morning, I am going to stop rambling and get some sleep. I want to thank all my followers and all the people who read my articles for being so awesome, as cliché as it sounds; without you there is no me! Good night!

One thought on “Here Is My Friend Writers Block!

  1. Writer’s block always happens, so you’re not alone! The words will come to you when they feel like it (pesky little things). You’ve got it in you to keep writing! Good luck!

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