Today Ariel Castro appeared in court for his pre-trial hearing, at this hearing he entered his plea and they set a tentative court date. We also found out that there may be more charges brought against the 52 year old accused kidnapper. Castro stands accused of kidnapping three women in Ohio and holding them captive for many years, one of the women was held for a decade. Castro was indicted on 329 charges so far.
Ariel Castro Court Date Set
Castro apparently didn’t want anything to do with any plea bargains, he plead not guilty to the 329 charges he is currently facing. There have been reports that more charges may be added to the indictment as soon as all the evidence is presented to the grand jury.

This case has already had so many twists and turns in it, when Castro was first arrested so were his two brothers and Castro’s daughter, Emily Castro is currently in prison serving time for killing her own daughter.

For the time being there has been a tentative date of August 4th set to start the trial, if all goes as planned anyways. Castro is currently facing hundreds of years in prison for the current charges in the indictment, one of them being for forcibly causing an abortion and killing an unborn fetus, which in Ohio, is an aggravated murder charge and can bring the death penalty to the table.

Since their rescue on May 6th, Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight have only release a letter of gratitude to the public via their lawyers. In this letter they thank the public for respecting their privacy and for their support as well. I will keep you posted on any other developments.

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