As I am sitting here watching all of the news coverage on the George Zimmerman trial, I sit here and wonder which way the jury will go. Will they say he’s not guilty because he was defending himself? Or will they go guilty because Trayvon Martin was defending himself? What did you take out of the trial and the evidence that we were able to see?

George Zimmerman Trial Will There Be Justice For Trayvon MartinThe defense had a pretty strong case to begin with, they said that Zimmerman was defending himself after Martin attacked him. However, if Zimmerman listened to officials and the rules of the neighborhood watch pamphlet, then Martin would not have felt threatened and have the need to defend himself.

There have been a lot of other things said and done that may have hurt or helped each side, for instance, the dummy that they used to demonstrate how Martin may or may not have been able to reach for Zimmerman’s gun. Or the photos of Zimmerman’s injuries and the fact that he refused medical treatment after the incident.

Now that we are all pretty roped into this case, I know I am, we are anxiously awaiting whether or not Zimmerman will be acquitted or charged with one of two charges. The prosecution pushed for lesser charges to be considered, the only one on the list that was allowed was a manslaughter charge, did the prosecution push for this because they are worried about their case?

Although some of this is my speculation, these are all questions that I am sure everyone is asking. What other questions do you have on the case? I have been watching this case from day one and I have my own thoughts, but what do you think? Will the jury find him not guilty by reason of self defense? Or will they find him guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter?

Second degree murder is a tough charge for them to consider, with this one they have to be able to prove that he had ill-will or hatred towards Martin. I think that they have a better chance of having him convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter but even that can carry up to a 30 year sentence because of the gun acting as an enhancer.

Tell me your thoughts on this and what you think the jury will decide, I want to hear from you. As soon as the jury comes to a verdict, I will update you all!

UPDATE: George Zimmerman found not guilty and is acquitted of all charges!

13 thoughts on “UPDATE: George Zimmerman Trial Verdict Is In!: Will There Be Justice For Trayvon Martin?

    • What crime did he commit? He was provoked by Zimmerman, all he did was defend himself. Even if he wasn’t defending himself, say he provoked the fight with Zimmerman, he deserved to die for a fist fight? I think that’s a bit extreme.

      • I agree Tammie that all George Zimmerman did was defend himself from a beating by a thug high on dope.

      • First, Martin wasn’t high, they said that the amount of THC in his system was equivalent to that of smoking a joint at least 8 hours prior. Zimmerman followed him, Martin felt threatened, he defended himself. He didn’t know why Zimmerman was following him.

      • First, Trayvon was high on illegal dope as confirmed by the coroner’s office. You need to learn the facts before you stick your foot back into your mouth Tammie.

      • Trayvon was high on dope which is illegal in that state. That is a crime. Then, while high, he attacked Mr. Zimmerman and bashed Zimmerman’s head against the cement sidewalk which is also a crime.Try, instead, Tammie to just deal with the facts of the case instead of inventing new imaginary elements to your fiction.

      • Ok so what they reported on CNN this morning was wrong and I’m a liar. That’s cool. I’m done debating with you now. It has gone from a debate to you insulting me based on things that I have seen and heard on TV. I’m not an investigator. This is a blog, not a national new site. Excuse me for maybe misunderstanding something that was said but I heard that it was trace amounts and that he was not high at the time of the incident. Again, I am done debating with you now.

      • Wow…ok apparently this case is as simple as that…I’m guessing the jury is a bunch of morons too for not coming to a decision already?

      • Maybe the jury is a bunch of morons, I know I would have dismissed all charges before it ever came to a courtroom.

      • For the record, I think that Zimmerman was defending himself and deserves to be acquitted of this crime. What I was merely stating was that there is a chance that Martin felt threatened when he realized Zimmerman was following him. Unfortunately we only have one side of the story and whatever happened that night will be decided based on the evidence they have. According to the evidence, Zimmerman was defending himself and I feel he does NOT deserve to go to jail for what happened that night.

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