I just so happened to be going through the news sites and came across this information, all of the news channels have been so wrapped around the economical crisis that they are failing to report that Ariel Castro has been sentenced for the kidnapping of three Cleveland women and holding them captive for as long as 11 years!UPDATE Ariel Castro Sentencing CompleteAt his sentencing trial, Castro went as far as telling the court that he isn’t a monster, he is sick. Michelle Knight, one of the kidnapping victims,  spoke out and had a very specific message for her kidnapper. She told him that after she spent 11 years in hell, his hell is just beginning!

There was a lot said during this trial that made my skin crawl, Castro tried to convince the court that the sex was consensual and that he never beat the three women that he held captive. Enough is enough, everyone wants to know what happened at the end.

Castro took a plea deal to escape the death penalty, he agreed to a sentence of life in prison plus 1000 years, or in other words, life in prison without the possibility of parole. He could have received the death penalty because of the aggravated murder charges that he faced for forcibly aborting at least one pregnancy.


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