Some people believe that there is a big enough problem in this country with internet addiction one state has decided to open the first inpatient program to help treat it. Treatment centers have been developing over the past few years, but Pennsylvania is going to become the first state to have an inpatient program for internet addiction.Are We Addicted to the InternetIn present time I can see how we could be considered “addicted” to the internet, but I can also see where someone could be mistaken as an internet addict. I for one have spent countless hours on my computer looking for things to write about, I also get paid to do so, so would that make me addicted to the internet or a hard worker?

To me that would make me a hard worker, but to others who don’t know me and don’t know that I freelance online for a living, they could see it as me being addicted to the internet or my computer for that matter. I have also done online gaming, I would spend a long amount of time on the computer doing that as well, but does that make me an addict, or bored out of my mind?

I think that the perception of addiction has made this a very touchy subject to some, but I also think that if gaming or surfing the web has taken over your life then these treatment facilities are a good idea. Do you think that there is a big enough problem out there to warrant inpatient treatment facilities? Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Are We Addicted to the Internet?

  1. I suppose it differs for individuals. I feel most people are extremely involved in activities on the internet and may have a longing to keep going back to check for updates. But, they would not need treatment unless they are completely obsessive about it and it takes a toll on their mental health.As you pointed out, for many people, their work involves spending the whole day in front of a computer (including mine), and hence,the extraordinary time spent on the Internet. On a lighter note, I did blog about signs of being a smartphone/Internet addict just recently. Might be worth a look.:P

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